/ Film d’ouverture de la 37e édition du FIFA "
Au temps où les arabes dansaient de Jawad Rhalib

March 19th
Film d’ouverture de la 37e édition du FIFA				"


When Arabs Danced offers an enlightened look at the fights waged by artists of all genders in societies, battling religious fundamentalism. The film explores Arab-Muslim culture and its historically rich worlds of literature, cinema, dance, and music, from the 1950s through the 1970s, notably in Egypt, under the Nasser government. It is a deep and timely reflection on the complex issues facing multicultural Western societies. Based on his own childhood memories, archival footage documenting the golden age of Middle Eastern dance, and contemporary interviews with cultural figures, the film is a vibrant plea for liberty.



Ludger-Duvernay Theatre