/ Granma. Trombones de la Havane | Rimini Protokoll
Festival TransAmériques

May 28th to 30th
Granma. Trombones de la Havane | Rimini Protokoll


In Cuba, revolutionary rhymes paradoxically with octogenarian. Like their elders, young people would like to create a utopia that galvanizes the planet, but how to do so? Onstage, the grandchildren of Fidel Castro’s comrades incarnate their grandparents and reinterpret the Castroist adventure as they question their heritage and imagine the future. In keeping with his documentary approach, Rimini Protokoll paints a portrait of their present and their future, their reality and their dreams. An illuminating overview of Cuba from the 1950s to today.

Length: 2 h approx.

In Spanish with English and French surtitles?