/ The Nutcracker

January 30th to February 2nd
The Nutcracker


- Please note that walnuts are used in the show (allergy) -

For a very long time something has been knocking inside of me, knocking on my walls, pushing them from the inside. It is not a word, it is not a feeling, it is not a thought - it is Mike Tyson, or Grace Jones, or Mickey Rourke, or somebody else. Why?

The Nutcracker is an attempt for an answer. Sound , body and objects will perform a series of dislocations and relocations, folding into each other in a process where sound will be a body and a performer of its own. With this work I express my desire to share a certain shift of attention and to discover, with you, the presence of what seemed to be absent.


Marie Kefirova

Bulgarian born Maria Kefirova is a danser and a choreographer based since 1992 in Montreal. She danced for different companies and choreographs such as: Lucie Gregoire Dance, Cas Public, Florance Figols, Heloise Remy, Sara Hanley, Mariko Tanabe and others. Parallel to her work as a performer, she has been developing her own artistic practice combining dance, theater, performance and video: (The Nutcracker 2012, Why dogs are successful on stage 2011, Gold Meat 2010, Corps.Relations 2010, Manufacturing tears 2009, my Head/my Body 2008, Apparences 2006). The main focus in her work is the constantly undetermined equilibrium which exists in our relationship with our bodies; the correlation between our body/mind reality and our socio-cultural environment. She explores the body as a complex and rich paradox, as a place of constant motion, transformation and transition: she searches to reveal its poetic power and to question hierarchies of presence and attention. Her present interests position her work in between performing and performance art, between the intellectual and the visceral experience. In 2012, Maria graduated from DasArts (Amsterdam school of the Arts) -a residential master program for research and experimentation on new forms of performing arts and theatre.

k.g. Guttman

k.g. Guttman earned her Masters in Fine Arts in Open Media at Concordia University in 2007 with a term as an exchange student at DasArts, Amsterdam, Graduate studies in Performance. Her art practice intersects dance, performance and the visual arts, resulting in exhibitions, residencies and performance opportunities in diverse institutions. Recent residencies include the Pavillon, Palais de Tokyo and with Pépinières Européennes pour jeunes artistes (with Compagnie David Rolland, Nantes). Her recent installation work has been exhibited at L'Espace Blank in Paris, by invitation from Christine Macel. k.g. was a company dancer for contemporary dance companies such as Le Groupe Dance Lab (Artistic Director Peter Boneham) and Lynda Gaudreau, Compagnie de Brune, in Montreal. She has been commissioned to choreograph a work on the company Dancemakers, Toronto, in collaboration with Michael Trent, artistic director of Dancemakers. k.g. Guttman is currently teaching as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Contemporary Dance at Concordia Unversity, Montreal.

Miguel Angel Melgares

His interdisciplinary work incorporates a broad range of media including performance, installation, films, photography and site-specific interventions. Melgares graduated from the sculpture department of the University of Granada, where also had developed a research project as a part of his doctoral studies: Languages and poetry in contemporary art. He has presented his works in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally and internationally. Melgares projects have been awarded with prestigious grants, such as the Manuel Rivera Grant, AFK or Iniciarte. In Amsterdam, he has developed an intense activity, working as an art director, scenographer and light designer for several projects, amongst which, the remarkable Pleas(e)nter project, a collaboration work with Ash Bulayev, the scenographical and curating work on Gevoelige Oppervlakte and Foto Salon Baghdad, next to Latvian director Elina Cerpa,

Paul Chambers

Paul is a Montreal-based lighting designer and visual artist as well as Technical Director of Tangente, Laboratoire de Mouvements Contemporains, a pivotal organization in the contemporary dance community. Collaborating in new projects and developing his artistry is a priority for Paul. He has toured with various productions, facilitated diverse pedagogical workshops, and has found himself frequently in the role of mentor. Paul continues to collaborate in multiple projects including multidisciplinary art installations and performances with musicians, visual artists, actors and dancers.


Concept, choreography and performance : Maria Kefirova

Stage design : Miguel Melgares

Sound designers : to be confirmed

Lighting : Paul Chambers

External eye : kg Guttman