/ Tuvaband + Marthe Halvorsen
Festival FIKA(S)

March 15th
Tuvaband + Marthe Halvorsen


Discovery Concert: Open stage for the Nordic emerging artists!

Norway Special edition Tuvaband + Marthe Halvorsen Tuvaband (Norway)

Come discover one of the revelations of the latest Iceland Airwaves Festival! Tuva Hellum Marschhäuser, also known as Tuvaband, will present her first album, 'Soft Drop', released last September. Surrounded by rough guitar and string arrangements, Tuva's singular voice, supported by her musicians, immerses us in her ethereal universe, constantly oscillating between shadow and light. After her stellar stint at the Iceland Airwaves last November and a European tour opening for First Aid Kit and Mogli, come and discover her at FIKA(S) 2019.

«Insanely good, gives me chills» - Phil Taggart, BBC Radio 1 «Stunning» - The Independent

Marthe Halvorsen (Norway + Canada)

For fans of musical travels. Recorded in Northern Norway, Marthe Halvorsen's first album 'All is in the seed' would be perfect to accompany us on a contemplative walk through the Arctic fjords. While the folk influence is clearly present, a touch of percussion and trumpets brings a more universal dimension to the album.

«Everything about it is beautiful (...) Quite probably my favourite release of the year to date, Marthe Halvorsen is a really special songwriter accompanied by some special musicians, and I'm convinced everyone will love 'All Is In the Seed’. » - Nordic Music Review