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Description :

Since February 2016, Le Monument National is hosting LA SERRE - Art vivants office.

LA SERRE — arts vivants is an incubator that seeks to improve the conditions for emerging artists in the live arts scene. It participates in the creation of strong works and their visibility. Because we believe that art is an essential link between man and his community, LA SERRE weaves a seamless link between art, nature and society and facilitates new encounters between different artistic disciplines. LA SERRE — arts vivants position itself as collaborator and agitator between different national and international partners. Emerging artists and cultural workers have free access to the coworking space.

This collaboration is part of the development plan of the Monument-National, owned by the National Theater School, which is expected to become a teeming meeting place where entrecroiseront constantly training activities and artistic creativity, cultural dissemination and community development, in the heart of the Quartier des spectacles.

The mandate of LA SERRE — arts vivants follows two mains areas: production and support for emerging artists and national and international events.

For details about LA SERRE - arts vivants or to rent spaces of co-working, visit their website laserre.ca or write to info@laserre.ca